New TV Ministry Begins in June 2016

We have been blessed to have a new ministry open up for us beginning June 1, 2016. This is in the form of a weekly TV ministry on a local Christian broadcasting channel, KPLE-TV. The title for the weekly program (every Wednesday at noon) is “Fresh Manna for Today.”

For those who cannot get this channel on your local TV stations, good news! About ten days after each program is aired, it is uploaded to You Tube on their website. You simply pull up the “Local Shows” and then look for my program, “Fresh Manna For Today.” I hope you not only watch the show on either TV or on the website, but that you will also contact me through this Blog site and spread the word about the program as well. I desire to reach as many people as I can with the messages from the Lord for this hour. The website is….

Blessings, Dee

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