Ministry in Kenya, April 6-20, 2015

What an awesome time we have had ministering to our pastors and friends in Western and Eastern Kenya, as well as in Nairobi. God showed Himself strong (as He always does when people come to Him in faith) and we had many signs and wonders to follow the teachings of the Word.

Praise God for the blind that saw, the cripple that walked, the handicapped that went away well! The body ailments that were instantly healed! So many testimonies of God’s great and mighty power. God still heals and He still performs miracles. We had almost 2,800 Kenyan people who witnessed God’s awesome power! God does not show Himself strong in secret, He does it openly. He was certainly revealing His power these past two weeks!


We look forward to a return trip to Kenya once again later this year.

Blessings, Dee

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