God’s directions are always clear and distinct to those who will hear His voice.

February 28, 2014, God sent me to Kenya and Uganda, Africa. He sent me with two primary messages for the people there. These messages apply to every race, nation, culture, creed, all people. First was the message of His love for each and everyone of us. He desires that we come to accept His Son, Jesus Christ, as our Lord and Savior. Next, He has a specific word for His children. He had a longing to bless the people as His heart broke with pain and hurt over the fact that they were not obeying His word according to paying of their tithes and offerings. You see, God desires to bless us abundantly, but often there is something that we must do as well. In Malachi 3, God explains that we (the whole nation) have robbed God by not paying our tithes and offerings. The people asked how was this possible and God explained that even from the days of their fathers they had not been taught this principle that God expected them to perform. So, God, in His gracious manner, stood there in the temple and retaught to these Priests and others of the temple the principle of tithing and about both the curse and the blessings. He dared them to begin today to tithe to Him and He would rebuke and stop the devourer (Satan) from destroying the fruit of their ground.

God is no respector of persons, what He desired to tell Africa, He desires to tell the entire world. God wants to bless and protect His children IF we will obey Him. Otherwise, we tie His hands through our own disobedience to Him. God was not addressing men that did not already love Him, He was speaking to the people of the church (temple). They were there because they wanted to do right in the Lord. They were not trying to be disobedient to the Lord! God knows our hearts and when He sees that our disobedience comes from an act of ignorance, He TEACHES us, just as He did that day in the Temple. Read for yourself in Malachi chapter three and see if God will teach you as well. There are many blessings that come directly from the hand of God. Here He tells of us His desire to bless us if we will obey Him. I have also devoted an entire chapter of my book, Echoes from God, on the subject of tithes and offerings (Chapter Seven).
Blessings, Dee Levens

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